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Loïck Peyron Video: Philosophy

Loïck Peyron is philosophical about his high-risk lifestyle. He says that pushing the envelope is the way he wants to live, so he happily accepts the consequences of his decisions—bad or good.

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Adjustable Spinnaker Pole Cars

A Harken ball bearing spinnaker pole car makes it possible to adjust the car, even on a heavy air reach. Raise the pole's outboard end for a fuller, more powerful shape. Lower the pole's outboard end for a flatter, less powerful shape.

Open 60 Deck Design

Managing Director Patrick Rieupeyrout and Technical Service Manager Jean Martins discuss Open 60s and the company's role in the Vendée Globe.

Tom Slingsby

David Schmidt interviews Tom Slingsby about how he has trained to achieve world class status in the Laser.

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