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Dinghy Vang

Dinghy Vang Kit

Part No. 431
$386.79(including GST)  Not available on-line. Please contact Harken Australia at 61-2-8978-8666 or email
Maximum working load (kg)181 kg

The dinghy vang features 16 mm sheaves with stainless ball bearing for high loads. The assembly includes a 468 Micro Cam-Matic® cleat that allows precise trimming. It’s easy to cleat because it pivots for a fair lead. The unit connects to a mast bracket with a 1/4" pin. The system provides a 12:1 purchase when cascaded with 4:1 blocks. The kit includes a 16 mm double block cascaded to a Micro single with becket for the vang purchase, plus a Micro single for attaching the cunningham.

Weight (g)291 g
Maximum sail area (m²)11.6 m²
Maximum working load (kg)181 kg
Breaking load (kg)454 kg
Photo - EPS:  431.eps (open/save)

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