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Harken Replacement Kits Make Traveler Upgrades Easy

Replacing a traveler can seem a daunting task. The question of what kind and size of unit to select and all the purchase/rigging options can make any sailor's head spin. Harken replacement traveler kits are an easy way to restore (or exceed) a boat's traveler performance by taking the guesswork out of picking the right parts. Now sailors only need to buy a Harken kit, the appropriate length of indicated track, the correct fasteners, and they're done! It's that simple!

"On service calls, travelers are often the oldest, worst-functioning parts we see. We wonder, do people think replacing a traveler is just too much hassle? Travelers are important for safety and performance. These kits are our way to make improving them much easier." - Olaf Harken

Strong, lightweight, corrosion-resistant cars feature free-rolling ball bearings that set the industry standard for ease and adjustment under both low and high loads. Anodized track is easy to install. And using Harken variable hole spacing track means there may well be no new holes to drill and fill.

Harken offers a wide array of Harken installation and support tools: live tech support, manuals, installation instructions and videos, and configuration information on which kit/track to buy.

Five boxed kits in three sizes: (two Small Boat, two Midrange, and one Big Boat) satisfy installation requirements for boats from 5 - 14 m (18 - 45′). Kits include car and end controls. Purchase track and fasteners separately.

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