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Harken Launches a New Commitment to Youth Sailing

Each year Harken receives hundreds of requests for regatta and event sponsorship. And most years, these requests exceed the number we are able to support.

As we survey our sport, we note that the average age of both soft and hard-water sailors continues to increase. So, the need for supporting and keeping new sailors in the sport is more important than ever. For this reason, Harken is taking a different tack with regard to our sponsorship moving forward. We have decided to allocate our sponsorship budget to junior and youth events exclusively and will not be offering sponsorship for adult regattas.

Our first significant step in this direction comes with the launch of the Harken Blockheads program. Blockheads is a youth program designed to educate junior sailors on the importance of rigging, maintenance, and taking responsibility for their own boats - and about how this leads to better sailing. Blockheads introduces young sailors to role models and unique perspectives in the sport. Content covering these topics is regularly published online as videos, photos, and articles, as well as on site at regattas.

We understand that changes of marketing emphasis like this can be inconvenient. But we feel we must make periodic adjustments to help ensure the success of Harken - and the sport. At Harken, we love sailing too, so let's ensure the next generation can fall as deeply in love with it as we all have.

Learn more at www.harkenblockheads.com | If you have a creative idea, message us at blockheads@harken.com

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