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Harken Introduces 10 cc Model to Grand-Prix Hydraulic Pump Line

Pewaukee, WI - Adding to its competition-tested 20 cc pumps, Harken has expanded its high-efficiency rotary pumps with a new 10 cc version. The 2-speed pedestal-driven pumps are designed to deliver oil faster, more efficiently, and with higher shift point for Grand-Prix race boats 13.7 - 30.5 m (45 - 100'). The 10 cc pump has a maximum pressure of 7,500 psi and the 20 cc up to 10,000. Pumps shift from 1st to 2nd gear both automatically and manually, with automatic shift points determined by the maximum output of the grinders. If fewer crew are grinding, and not enough power is generated to reach the automatic shift point, both pumps can be shifted manually.

"We wanted to rethink a critical component that hasn't been given much thought by the market," said Harken Hydraulics Category Manager, Robbie Young. "With big gains in speed and efficiency, we've had real success with our 20 cc rotary pumps in the Grand Prix segment and can now offer these gains at half the weight for hydraulic systems with lower flow."

Harken rotary pumps are made of corrosion-resistant Hard Lube-anodized aluminum, with aluminum, titanium, and stainless steel components. Both include a non-return valve on the outlet to prevent backflow. 10 cc pump shafts attach directly to the pedestal from either side, or can be mounted remotely with a T-box or X-box. Double-stepped pistons save weight and three fasteners provide quick connect/disconnect mounting. Higher volume 20 cc pumps are connected to the bevel box, pedestal, or a remote gearbox with a straight-splined shaft. 

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