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A Brand New Harken.com

If you come to this space regularly, you probably noticed things are different. Welcome to the newest version of Harken.com. We hope this new site becomes your go-to location online to evaluate and select Harken products. Here’s how we hope our new site is an improvement over the previous edition that did its job well for over a decade:

What’s New?

  • This version is mobile friendly. It should work equally well on desktops, tablets, and phones. It’s designed to be efficient any way you want to search.
  • We’ve added a new ‘shop by type of sailing’ function, which divides our online product catalog into subsets most relevant to One-Design, Offshore and Custom/Megayacht racing and Coastal or Blue Water cruising.
  • You can now search by configuration, size, and load-range within each type of Harken product or, for instance, all small boat blocks or all winches.
  • We’ve added new tools that allow users to learn more about products by mousing over photos that expand to expose features.
  • We’ve added more deck rigging diagrams and updated all that have been on the site for years.
  • We’ve updated the shopping cart function to speed up checkout and suggest related products.
  • Lastly, we’ve brought our most ambitious video content, which has been appearing on our YouTube channel and on Harkenatthefront.com, onto this site. You’ll find it under the At The Front tab in the primary navigation.

There’s Harken Product All Over The Web. Why Should I Shop Here?

There’s a short answer: You’ll always find the broadest selection of Harken here. Many of our great retail partners will import this content into their sites, so you’ll find much of the same information you can get here on those sites. But our partners are independent. They inventory what they choose. The rest, they special order, and that adds some time. Here, you’ll find the deepest inventory.

It’s true, you will find lower prices on other sites. Our resellers set their own prices. We’re happy for you to buy the perfect Harken product anywhere you can find the best combination of prompt availability and price.

Yes, it’s just a website. But frankly, our previous version hasn’t been AT THE FRONT of e-commerce experience for a while now. At this point, we’d just like to say thanks for being patient, and we’re confident this version is a better tool.