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    Wheeled CE-Certified Addition to Harken’s Access Rail System Offers Greater Maneuverability


    HC10567.CLEAR_250Pewaukee, WI—Harken's original Access Rail System ran on track mounted to surfaces facing downwards or sideways, but the new Access Rail Wheeled Car allows track to be mounted atop surfaces facing upwards. The new car allows workers to hang over a corner from the mounted track. Cantilevered weight is anchored on the car then supported by wheels that run alongside the car.

    Harken designed the Access Rail to provide megayacht crews with a secure system that provides freedom of movement and the ability to lock into one position while working outboard along the hull. CE certification is among the most respected marks in the world and ensures adherence to the consumer safety, health, and environmental benchmarks of the EU countries. Currently, the Harken Access Rail System is the only one of its kind in the marine market to have completed the specialized testing to EN795.1996 Class D needed to meet the exacting standards set by this organization.

    "Working at height on some of the largest superyachts is not something to be taken lightly, as witnessed by the growing involvement of regulations and inspection regimes," said UK Managing Director, Andy Ash-Vie. "Professional crews deserve proper, credited solutions. So we were really pleased to make our contribution to safer working practices. Besides which, we like to keep our customers alive!"

    The HC10567 Harken Wheeled Access Rail system uses the same car materials as standard Access Rail Cars and also features a wheel toggle attachment that overhangs the edge of an angled or flat mounting surface so the side of the hull is not chafed. It is ideal for track that is hidden in recesses.

    Access Rail system linked cars are constructed of strong, lightweight solid aluminum extrusions. Noncorrosive Torlon® ball bearings handle high loads to reduce friction and to carry you smoothly along the track as you move the locking pinstop to another position. Stainless steel wire guides keep ball bearings captive when cars are removed for easy maintenance.

    Track can be slightly bent to match the contour of the hull within radius limitations.

    Cars and track are offered in either black hardcoat-anodized or clear-anodized finishes for corrosion protection and durability. A stainless steel system can be special-ordered through the Harken Custom Department. Each car assembly is labeled with the CE Marking and a specific serial number before leaving Harken. 

    Required support systems include a full-body safety harness and working harness or support platform. A pinstop car (HC9565 or HC9608 car with H-50547 coupler) is ideal as an optional addition for use as a tool service carrier.

    Torlon® is a registered trademark of Solvay Advanced Polymers.

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