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    Harken Adds Two Sizes to Double-Acting Hydraulic Backstay Adjuster Line


    HYCIHarken has added two larger sizes to its line of Integral Hydraulic Backstay Adjusters. These additions to our other two sizes have expanded the range to accommodate boats with wires from 5.5 to 9.5 mm (7/32 to 3/8 in)—approximately 9-18 m (30-60 ft). In an industry first, the cylinder features an integrated double-acting pump that delivers oil when the handle is pushed and pulled, reducing pumping time by nearly doubling the flow of single-acting pumps standard on other integrals.

    “Creative engineering and design allowed us to greatly improve our integrals over other systems out there,”said Hydraulics Manager Robbie Young. “Our double-acting pumps deliver oil twice as fast as single-acting pumps which are standard on other integrals.”

    Other key concepts:
    The pressure release has been reconfigured, making it impossible for crew to over-tighten the screw by hand and damage the valve when closing it for pumping-a common problem on other cylinders.

    A gauge with an easy-to-read analog display mounts at the top-not the bottom-of the cylinder for easy viewing from the cockpit. Pressure relief is factory set to prevent crew from over-tensioning the backstay.

    Cylinders come standard in four sizes with a clevis on both ends. Assemblies include a hardcoat-anodized aluminum cylinder and pump, valve, gauge, and stainless pump handle with three attachment options. All pins, plugs are stainless steel. Clear-anodized aluminum cylinders are available upon request.


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