Class History

The Audi Melges 20 features cutting-edge lines and a simple deck layout for a fast, lively sportboat that's fun to its very core. Upwind, this Reichel-Pugh design tracks like a champ. Downwind, the asymmetrical spinnaker ensures turbo-charged performance. A spacious cockpit provides 2 to 4 crew comfortable legs-in hiking. The M20 features a carbon spar, carbon foils, carbon bowsprit and has no winches, traveler, or backstay. It comes race ready from the factory with trailer, outboard engine, and sails included. Melges20_sailplan

Boat Specifications

Length: 20 ft (6 m)
Beam: 7 ft (2 m)
Draft: 4 ft 6 in (1.3 m)
Weight: 1, 146 lb (520 kg)
Main: 172 sq ft (16 m sq)
Jib: 88 sq ft (8.2 m sq)
Spinnaker: 430 sq ft (40 m sq)

Audi Melges 20


Audi Melges 2040 mm Carbo T2 Single Loop - 214840 mm Carbo T2 Single Loop - 214840 mm Carbo T2 Single Loop - 2148Swivel Cam Base/150 CamMatic - 14440 mm Carbo T2 Single Loop - 214875 mm Carbo Ratchet - 267075 mm Carbo Ratchet - 267040 mm Carbo T2 Single Loop - 2148Small Boat Underdeck Furling - 477

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The lightweight, but powerful 4:1 mainsheet system uses four all-composite T2™ Loop blocks to lead line to a 75 mm switchable ratchet block on a cockpit-mounted swivel base. The composite sheave spins freely on ball bearings with curved bearing races. Sideplates are fiber-reinforced, high-strength nylon resin.


The spinnaker sheets lead through 57 mm T2™ Loop blocks to 57 mm Ratchamatic® Flip-Flop blocks on the inside cockpit wall—perfect for asymmetrical chutes that require a ratchet's tough holding power, but must run out instantly during jibes.

Small Boat Underdeck Furling

The drum is located beneath the deck, lowering tack height for maximized sail area. The single through-deck ball joint provides a low-profile, nearly watertight system that aligns the spool to the headstay. The ball bearing hoistable halyard swivel (optional) allows the sail to be raised and lowered without removing the headstay.

Melges 20 One-Design29 mm Carbo T2 Single - 214640 mm Carbo T2 Loop - 214857 mm Ratchamatic Flip Flop w/150 Cam-Matic - 2145Dinghy Jib Lead Car w/eyestrap - 450Dinghy Low-Beam Jib Lead Track w/ Pinstop holes - 453.12

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Small adjustments in jib sheet tension make a huge difference in boat speed. Jib sheets dead-end on free-rolling T2™ Loop blocks attached to pinstop cars and track on each side tank, lead through two 29 mm T2™ blocks lashed to the jib clew, and trim from two 57mm Flip-Flop Ratchamatics® with 150 cams mounted on the cockpit walls aft of the track.

Gnav Vang

This upside-down, reverse-thrust vang system creates more space in the cockpit, greatly increasing crew mobility. With one end of the gnav system attached to a bracket on the mast and the other to a track and ball bearing car on the boom, the skipper uses the mainsheet to easily adjust leech tension under load.

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